Root Pooch Provisions

Treats worth cheering for

Taking a break for 2019

As we recently moved back to California from Toronto, we are taking some time off in 2019 to settle in. Stay tuned for new products and exciting announcements in 2020. We thank you for your support.

Treats worth cheering for

Our story

We adopted our dog, Rutabaga, on Halloween 2015 in Los Angeles. We immediately fell in love.

LA to Toronto

A year later, we moved to Toronto. While it took some time to adjust, we came to love Toronto: all the lovely parks, kind people, and friendly dogs make the city a fun and welcoming place.

Good cheer and great treats

We've been making simple, clean treats for Rutabaga and her friends for some time. As we were brainstorming holiday gift ideas, we thought a dog treat advent calendar would make a fun present for our dog-loving friends and their pooches.

Making it happen

We connected with a talented illustrator, who created some of the posters for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). We loved her work--it was full of cheer and made us smile. So we asked her to help us create an advent calendar, inspired by the goofiness and sense of adventure we all love in our dogs.